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  How to achieve beautiful, shiny hair

If your hair is looking — and feeling — dry and lackluster, there’s a quick, easy fix that doesn’t involve much time or money. It’s a mini service called a glaze, and it’s a way to add shine and gloss to your locks, much in the same way that a clear or transparent top-coat on your nails provides dimension and sparkle.

Some glazes are clear, while others contain just enough blond, brunette or red tones to tweak your own color a bit. They’re applied at the shampoo sink and penetrate a few minutes before being washed out, or are activated under a hair-dryer, where heat closes the cuticle on the hair shaft so that it lies flat to reflect light.

An easier way to add gloss to your hair is at home with a once-a-week deep-conditioning treatment. If your hair has been chemically altered (colored, relaxed or permed), choose a conditioner that is designed to counter that with moisturizing agents that target damaged sites on the hair shaft. Here’s what we suggest: After a shampoo and towel-dry, apply the conditioner and don a plastic shower cap, which will trap heat from your head and send the ingredients deep within the hair shaft. No less than 15 minutes later — preferably longer — remove the cap and rinse out the conditioner. Minus sitting under the dryer and a professional blow-dry, this at-home treatment is as close to a glaze at the salon as you can get. And the price is right!

Christopher and Sonya Dove for Brilliant Color and Beauty Today

Christopher and Sonya Dove are the creative directors at The Doves Studio in Santa Monica, Calif.

Brilliant Color and Beauty Today

   What Your Skin Is Telling You
Your skin is your body’s largest organ. In many ways, it’s a barometer for what’s happening to you internally and externally every day.

Frequent breakouts: It may be a sign that your diet needs a change. Eating veggies with every meal will help your body digest properly and not be forced to use the skin as a filtration system. Avoid processed foods with a lot of added sugar and salt, and try swapping whole-wheat for white grains.

Dry/dull complexion: If you lack an overall glow, your diet likely needs more good fats.  Add avocado to your next salad — it will taste great and hydrate your skin.

Dark under-eye circles: Do you always look tired, no matter how much you sleep? Your afternoon latte may be the cause. When topically applied, caffeine can banish swelling, but drinking coffee actually causes poor circulation around your eyes. The result: dark circles and puffy eyes. Replace java with green tea and you’ll look as if you’ve spent the day resting at the beach.

Puffy face/body: The circulatory system has its own pump: the heart. But the lymphatic system, which governs how puffy you look by effectively (or not effectively) moving lymph fluids through your body, has no pump. Instead, it works through contractions, and sometimes the system can use a little help. A muscle-rousing exercise like running or speed-walking can go a long way in helping to eliminate inflammation.

By Joanna Vargas for Brilliant Color and Beauty Today

Joanna Vargas is the founder of the Joanna Vargas Salon, Skin Care Sanctuary. Vargas’ clients include celebrities and supermodels.

Brilliant Color and Beauty Today

                              Four Ways to Fake Great Legs                                         

                               Four Ways to Fake Great Legs

After a long winter, you’re definitively ready to toss aside boots and leggings for sandals and short skirts. The question is: are your legs prepared for public display?

If gnarly toes, pasty calves and jiggly thighs are telling you “absolutely not,” don’t panic. You can get great, gorgeous legs with these easy beauty routine fixes and tricks.

1. Fake a Sunkissed Glow
No matter how long and lean your legs are, they’ll look even shapelier with a sunkissed glow. Drugstore shelves offer a wide variety of self-tanning products for an even, natural-looking tan that will leave your skin smelling great too. Here’s a guide to the formula that’s right for you.
•Wash-off self-tanners These solutions create a temporary color that lasts about a day and washes away with soap and water. Apply one layer for a sheer look; add a second for deeper color.
•Tanning mousses and gels Quick, but doesn’t dry instantly, so you can correct mistakes. The tint lets you see any spots you might have missed.
•Daily self-tanning moisturizers Gradually builds a subtle glow with daily use. Foolproof, these are perfect for self-tanning novices.
•Tanning lotion Produces the deepest caramels and bronzers for that “just back from St. Bart’s” look.
•Tanning sprays The fastest way to achieve all-over coverage. Perfection takes practice; try this out a few times before a big event.
2. Pamper Your Feet
Squeezed into boots and forgotten for months, your feet are likely looking dry and callused, and your toes a bit ragged. Get them ready for their flip-flop debut with a spa pedicure that goes beyond just a file and polish.

Look for a service that offers these steps: a foot soak in a warm bath with moisturizing ingredients like essential oils; an exfoliating scrub to soften calluses and remove dead skin cells; a second scrub with a foot file to banish those calluses and other rough spots; a soothing massage followed by the application of a super-hydrating lotion that’s sealed by dipping your feet into warm paraffin or wrapping them in hot towels.

The final steps: shaping your toenails and applying polish. Scott Barnes, a makeup artist for such celebrities as Jennifer Lopez and Beyonce, suggests painting your toes in sheer nudes or a brown hue to make your legs look their longest. Nail stylist Reham Bastawros who prettifies the peds of Renee Zellweger and Miley Cyrus favors a splashier look: eye-catching colors like bubblegum pinks, citrus yellows, watermelon hues or a classic vixen red.

3. Choose Shoes That Elongate Your Legs
Fling aside those 4-inch tottering heels! Shoe designer Stuart Weitzman says this season, ’70s-inspired wedges will add height without straining the foot the way stilettos often do. Opt for shoes in nude or tones like blush-beige, khaki, brown or bronze that will trick the eye into thinking your legs and shoes are one lean, unbroken line. Avoid ankle straps — they’ll chop your legs to make your gams look shorter than they are.

4. Tone Your Muscles
Want to rev up the definition of your legs in a flash? Dr. Philip L. Goglia, a Los Angeles nutritionist and trainer whose clients include Kim Delaney, Owen Wilson and Raven-Symone, suggests these three moves:

Wide-stance squats: Do them like a ballet plie, with toes angled outward, and a stance wider that your shoulders. Do five sets of 20 reps daily.

Hill- and flat-walking should be for 30 minutes (good) to an hour (better!) each day. Or, try stair-climbing for the same length of time.

Walking lunges: Great for your glutes! Just make sure that your knees don’t extend beyond your feet as you lunge. Work up to five sets of 20 lunges daily.

By Alison Singh Gee for The Style Glossy
Alison Singh Gee is a former style features writer for People magazine. She has also written about fashion, beauty and design for InStyle and Marie Claire. She is the author of two books, including an upcoming memoir, The Peacock Sings for Rain.

The Style Glossy

Jeans Alert: Wide-legged Denim Is in

Jeans Alert: Wide-legged Denim Is in

When the skinny jeans craze hit a few years ago, denim buffs everywhere sighed in despair. After all, for those with anything other than the waifish figure of Kate Moss or the perfect curves of Gisele Bundchen, those drainpipe-slender pants were a big no-no.

Thankfully, designers are now offering up a more forgiving style: a wide-legged jean that sits higher on the waist and is cut to one circumference all the way down. This is different from the bootleg, which is fitted to the knee and then gently flares out. It’s also an alternative to the bell-bottom, which hugs the thighs and is uniformly wide from the knee down.

With wide-legged jeans, the circumference of the leg opening can be up to 23 inches compared to the 15 or so inches seen on cigarette jeans. The front rise is at least an inch or so higher than in low-waist jeans and even higher in the back. “Wide legs have a longer rise because the silhouette needs a bit more height to flatter the body,” says Chachi Prasad, founder of the fashion line Bishop of Seventh, whose jeans have been worn by Carrie Underwood and Rumer Willis.

The look is also markedly different from the more casual boyfriend jean, which often features distressed, fraying and upturned hems. Sleek and chic, the wide- leg jean can be worn to work or for an evening out. And it’s not only versatile but affordable too, as premium brands and lower-priced lines offer the silhouette.

Still, this is not a jean that can be thrown on with any old T-shirt or bought by just eyeballing the size. It takes a bit of polish and planning to pull off the look. Here are tips from style experts:

The right pair The wide-legged silhouette looks best on women at least 5 feet 4 inches tall and on the slender side, says Lisa Rudes Sandel, founder and creative director of the denim line Not Your Daughter’s Jeans. “With any trouser, the wider it is, the bigger you look,” she explains. Broader women can still embrace a wider leg with a boyfriend cut in a sleek dark finish, such as those offered by DKNY. For petite women, cuts like the Provocateur by Joe’s Jeans straddle the line between skinny and wide, lengthening the leg with a higher knee break and then flaring to an 18-inch leg opening. 

Ladylike tops Skip anything oversized or billowy and opt instead for something fitted on top, such as a trim tee and a cropped jacket. Or, suggests Sarah Bergman, manager of Los Angeles-based vintage store The Way We Wore, consider a feminine Victorian-style white shirt with a band collar and a bib front or ruffle.

High shoes and minimal accessories To balance the look, try a heel or wedge of at least 3 inches. For a handbag, carry a vintage or modern clutch or a small beaded bag. Finishing touches: a skinny belt and a delicate necklace peeking through an open-necked shirt.

Hair height Those killer heels will get the proportions right below the waist; for flattering proportions above the waist, go for tall hair. Suki Duggan, owner of New York City’s Donsuki Townhouse Salon, suggests a classic ponytail with an added “hump” for height. (It can be achieved by sectioning off the front part of the hair, spritzing it with hair spray and folding it back into the ponytail.) Another option: a half updo. “When in doubt, go for volume,” said Duggan. “Draw the attention upward.”

 By Kavita Daswani for The Style Glossy

Kavita Daswani has been a fashion correspondent for CNN International, CNBC Asia and Women’s Wear Daily, and she has written for the Los Angeles Times and International Herald Tribune, among many other publications. Her fourth novel will be out in 2010.

        5 Top Tips From Hollywood Makeup Artists
5 Top Tips From Hollywood Makeup Artists
Sure, stars like Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian and Blake Lively are blessed with natural beauty. But make no mistake; they don’t tumble out of bed and onto the red carpet. Instead, they rely on their beauty team to help play up their assets and disguise their less-than-perfect parts. We asked a few top makeup artists for their best tips on getting your gorgeous on.

1. Dress your eyes from inner to outer corner, not bottom to top.
Long ago, most makeup artists tossed out the technique of applying different shades of eye shadow to the lid, the crease and just under the brow bone. For a modern look, apply color in a subtle graduation of lighter to darker, working horizontally — not vertically — says Sharona Rahimian, co-owner of Style Bar Beverly Hills, a hair and makeup studio. A fresh summer nighttime look: a touch of gold on the inner corner of the eye, a wash of pink on the lid, and a swipe of a darker color — green, purple or bronze — on the outer third of the eye, extending just past the corner.

2. Blush believably. “Perfect blush application is all about placement,” says New York City makeup artist Raychel Wade. “Ideally, you want the burst of color to be directly on the apples of your cheeks. A foolproof way of finding this is to nestle the brush directly under your eye pupil and across from the tip of your nose, and blend up and out 2 inches.”

3. Boost a bold mouth with concealer. When Hollywood makeup artist Brett Freedman uses lipstick in shades like red, plum or berry on celebrities such as Katharine McPhee, Lucy Liu and Patricia Heaton, he preps their mouths by applying a pale concealer over their lip lines before applying liner and lipstick. “It gives you a really crisp lip that’s a very grown-up look,” he says. Touch up after dinner by blotting lips with a tissue, then reapplying concealer, lip liner and lipstick.

4. Wear false eyelashes for the flirtiest fringe. Mascara goes a long way in adding length and fullness to the lashes you have, but it takes some extra enhancement to achieve those lush red-carpet lashes. “Nothing opens up the eye and offers the density and glamour of false eyelashes,” says Kerry Herta, an Emmy-nominated makeup artist. It takes just a little practice to master strip lashes; just remember to trim the strip to fit the length of your eye, and apply the teeniest amount of adhesive. To blend your real lashes with the false ones, trace a very thin line of liquid eyeliner at the base of your lashes and apply a final coat of mascara.

5. Shimmer, but just a little. For a super-flattering incandescent look, skip the sparkle and glitter and go for subtle sheen. Apply a touch of a highlighting powder or cream in gold, pink or champagne on the tops of your cheekbones, the bridge of your nose and just under your brow bone. If you have dark under-eye circles, you can add a dot of highlighter just under the center of your eyes too.

Don’t neglect your body. “Every inch of skin that’s exposed should have a bit of gleam to it,” says Freedman. That includes shoulders, arms, decolletage and collarbone. What’s more, a light veil of a luminescent body lotion “will scatter the light to hide flaws, like skin dimpling, and make every body part look a little more perfect,” he says. Secret tip: To make your legs look longer and leaner, put an extra stripe of highlighter up the front on your legs, along the shin bone.

By Shelley Levitt for The Style Glossy
Shelley Levitt, managing editor of The Style Glossy, is a former West Coast editor of SELF and senior writer at People.

The Style Glossy



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