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Relationships – It’s all in the timing!

What women can resist watching When Harry met Sally?  There are certain nights when I for one certainly can’t ignore my womanly desire for chocolate and a little touch of romance!  The film raises the question “Can men and women ever just be friends?” and opens up ideas about love that became household concepts, such as those of … Continue reading

6 Ways to Get What You Want

When you ask your kids for more help around the house, do your requests fall on deaf ears? Do some people find it easy to say no to you at times? Women, and especially mothers, excel at taking care of the needs of everyone around us. But when it comes to persuading someone to do … Continue reading

The Meaning of Life (and how being drunk can help)

There are two kinds of drunks. The ones who lose the power of speech and fall over (I personally enjoy these drunks a lot – they are wonderfully carefree) and the ones who talk until the sun rises and all the wine is finished. I happen to (usually) fall into the category of talking a lot – with … Continue reading

Love Can Overcome Hate

‘Water is the softest thing, yet it can penetrate mountains and earth. This shows clearly the principle of softness overcoming hardness.’ Lao Tzu I stumbled upon this quotation some time ago. On first reading it I was a little untouched but after considering it more it made perfect sense and it can be used for many … Continue reading

Lessons I Learn from my Children

Sometimes in life our greatest teachers come from sources that may surprise us. Don’t assume having lived a full life or being older signifies wisdom. This is not always the case. Often the young have bags of wisdom that we can tap into.Their wisdom is often uncluttered, unbiased and unaffected, unlike our complicated adult thought process. Children often speak … Continue reading

Do We Google Too Much?

I google the crap out of everything. Oh what’s that rash? Google it. Where could we go this weekend? Google it. Mum, what is the atmosphere of that planet? Um Google it! Moving to a new city? Just Google it! Google has become my resource. An online community full of the puzzling array of questions, answers and issues we all face daily. … Continue reading

I Need To Buy Less Stuff, But It’s Too Much Fun…

I need to buy less stuff. I have a confession to make. My garage is full of stuff. My situation is now so ridiculous that I can’t get my car into my ‘double‘ garage. I have no idea what is lurking in those boxes. I have little idea what is hiding in the bin liners. All I know is … Continue reading

Do You Hold Onto Grudges?

Hands up who has ever been hurt? Betrayed? Ridiculed? Cheated? Shunned? Excluded? Wave your hand if you have ever been the victim of vicious rumours or passed over for a promotion at work? Now take a deep breath, hands up if this left you feeling furious, helpless, powerless, upset, a little bit bitter perhaps? Before … Continue reading

The Underclass and The Cultural Inequality of Society

Ladies and Gentleman, let us take a moment and become acquainted with The Underclass. Oh too late, we already have, currently in our cities across Britain. Who are these people trashing our cities and why? It really was only a matter of time. This tribe of people have been growing and left to fester unchecked for years … Continue reading

Keep Growing And Learning From Your Mistakes

I make mistakes. I am not perfect and never will be perfect. We all make mistakes. It is what makes us human. I make mistakes, always have and I always will until the day I die. Just like you. Just like everyone.  From all the mistakes, I have made a conscious decision, I will ensure I learn my … Continue reading

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