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Do We Google Too Much?

Have you become too reliant on a search engine?

I google the crap out of everything. Oh what’s that rash? Google it. Where could we go this weekend? Google it. Mum, what is the atmosphere of that planet? Um Google it! Moving to a new city? Just Google it!

Google has become my resource. An online community full of the puzzling array of questions, answers and issues we all face daily. Instead of phoning up a friend or asking a neighbour, we can just ask Google to look into its crystal ball and hey presto we have a zillion and one different possibilities on what to feed our kids, what’s in fashion, what course we could enrol in next. It can be hard to wade through all the answers but as human beings we believe we have the intellect to figure out what is truth and what is nonsense.

Isn’t it fascinating? Maybe we have all become just a tiny bit too reliant on Google to give us the answers? The trouble is – it is just too easy!

Is the internet ensuring we lose our spontaneous spirit? Years ago, in the dark ages before internet was an integrated part of our daily life, we were often surprised as much was new to us. These days before we even go to a restaurant or a new country we have studied it beforehand. Ah so the baby change room is to the left of the hotel reception. Excellent. Phew I feel more relaxed now.

Thanks to the powers of Google, we know what to expect. Perhaps it is appealing to us because Google gives us reassurance. In an increasingly uncertain and busy world, we can go to Google and it will offer us certainty. It offers us answers. It tells us what we can expect. We are prepared. We feel safer.

Ask yourself this – how would you feel if you moved to a new country and you had never seen images of it online, read the vast array of personal accounts on expat forums, pondered on the tourism and community websites to get a ‘vibe’ for your new home. How would you feel as you landed on the tarmac? You’d probably be excited but perhaps slightly uneasy of the unknown.

Google search can give us all the answers to all our human concerns. It is an incredible tool. But I do wonder if it is now making us lose our ability to embark on new adventures, new places, new technology, new experiences without scrutinising every possibility, every little detail online first?


About Alana Munro

Writer. Mama to three, wife to one. Red wine consumer.


One thought on “Do We Google Too Much?

  1. Hmm, I see what you mean and partially, I agree. However, finding loads of information easily can also result in feeling uncertain. Especially when it comes to medical issues. If you have a symptom and you google what might be the cause… oh my, the diseases that you MAY have ;-)!

    Posted by karen @collars for dogs | February 22, 2012, 12:11 pm

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