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I Need To Buy Less Stuff, But It’s Too Much Fun…

Are you a consumer addict?

I need to buy less stuff. I have a confession to make. My garage is full of stuff. My situation is now so ridiculous that I can’t get my car into my ‘double‘ garage. I have no idea what is lurking in those boxes. I have little idea what is hiding in the bin liners. All I know is this – it is stuff, a lot of stuff. It sits there defiantly year after year, taking up space and ensuring my car is never in its rightful home.

Step inside my wardrobe and it is much the same. I get up most days and rub my head in confusion. How can I have a wardrobe brimming full of beautiful clothes but I can’t actually find anything to wear? Everything is so jam-packed it is impossible to find anything. Please tell me I am not alone in this impracticable and absurd predicament?

And so it has come to a head. This lavish lifestyle is getting ludicrous. I long to be one of those super organised streamlined people. You know the sort? They know where everything is in their home. Everything has a place. They also have something simple but stylish and clean to throw on every morning. With this notion in mind, I aim to have just the bare minimum too. It would seem and this is pretty revolutionary, a girl really can have too many pairs of shoes, too many bags, too much stuff. Woah I never saw that insight coming!

The trouble is – I love a bargain. It sounds pathetically girly, I can’t see past a bargain dress in Dotti or TopShop or ASOS. It truly gives me a little high. A little moment of sheer bliss and glamour to break up my rather ordinary week of nappy changes, scrubbing the toilet and school runs.

I was trained by the best in the business. My mother is a shopper who can be described as thorough and professional in her craft. We both share the genetics for hunting down a beautiful necklace or pretty shoes at twenty paces. Obtaining more stuff leaves us feeling emotionally satisfied. We bond, we stop for breaks to chat about our purchases and of course life. It is a beautiful way to spend an afternoon. It is expensive nurturing but it works. Many women would agree.

But lately, if I am being totally honest, I’m feeling less emotionally satisfied by the shopping experience. I think it is because I can no longer enjoy the emotional bonds it brings with my Mother. She lives in Scotland, I live in Australia. It all seems a bit vacant and lonely on my own. Then there is an overwhelming feeling of being stuffed. I feel a bit nauseous and gorged. I probably have enough stuff.

For years I’ve enjoyed the ride. I’ve enjoyed the highs. But I do wonder – is it possible for me to be more mindful in my consumerism? Is it perhaps time to cut back and avoid the sales? The evidence is clear – I do need to slow down and consider my purchases more. But I can’t kid myself, I enjoy style and beautiful trinkets far too much. I’ve enjoyed the pleasure of bonding with my Mum. It is a fun past time and I can’t just well…stop! (Sorry Gorgeous Husband, you were probably feeling quite hopeful there!) But maybe it is time to just make do with what I already have and be a little more perceptive in what I do purchase?

But how can I possibly resist with so much temptations all around? Everywhere I turn I am being convinced – if you buy this, your life will be better, you will be more beautiful, you will be happier. But of course I know this never really happens. The miracles never happen. I have as a younger woman believed the sales pitch and been oblivious to the marketing ploys.

So what is the result of all my heedless, thoughtless buying? A burdened mind and a muddled, messy life style. Not really the dream I was sold.

And so perhaps it is now time to clear out all of my stuff once and for all. I will need to pick a day when I am feel particularly ruthless. Apparently if you have not used something for a year, I probably won’t ever require it. It is now time to be tough on my stuff. It has been taking up far too much physical space and probably quite a lot of emotional space too. It weighs me down. It wastes my time. It clutter’s my mind and living space.

It is a personal choice. I have decided to take on this challenge after years of heaviness. I’m not promising that I will become a streamlined dream. I can’t promise my life will become sleek, slick and trim over night but I can promise I will make my life easier and more manageable.

Do you have too much stuff? Do you actively choose to consume less and live a more streamlined lifestyle? Have you had enough of consuming? Are you trying to be a bit more mindful these days?


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