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Saying No to Housework!

Who loves housework? Umm not me!

I’m pretty sure that the washing pile doubles, no scrub that triples over night. Piles of dirty clothes resembling mountain peaks scatter all over my laundry room floor. Tourists admire the view from them. In fact if you visit the Tourist Information centre here in my town you will no doubt find a page devoted to day trips to my epic mountains of clothes. 

Every morning it’s the same routine. Wash breakfast dishes, clean kitchen tops, put on a load of washing, put on a second load of dirty washing, heck if I’m feeling particularly productive throw in a third load.

The toilet deserves a full paragraph all on its lonesome. Do you have little boys? Well if you do, you will understand. Here’s the thing – I actually envy families of all girl families. I walk into their bathrooms and the toilets are clean. Now back to my toilet. I have one Son in particular who doesn’t quite aim for the toilet but more for the room. Sigh. If I don’t clean my toilet EVERY single day I will have a bathroom that smells of a night club bathroom come 3am. With this in mind, the mop and bleach remain permanently in that bathroom.

This constant cleaning, it sure is repetitive. I have decided that it must stop. I have gone on strike many times. I have tried to cut back. But of course it just bites back with a heavier work load when I pick up the slack. What to do, what to do? Well, I want to do the very bare minimum from now on in. I have come to the conclusion that I am wasting valuable time cleaning a home when I could be living my life.

Tomorrow morning I will do the basics. Just enough to keep the house ticking along. Then I will pick up my beautiful baby and we will go for a walk along the beach. The washing can wait. The toilet can stink. I will put down that vacuum and head out into the world. The house can wait; I have a life to live and memories to create.


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Writer. Mama to three, wife to one. Red wine consumer.


2 thoughts on “Saying No to Housework!

  1. Oh boy. I have two little girls who are pretty solid in their toilet usage now (only the occasional rushing-in-and-peeing-on-the-floor) but young Mr W is nearly two and I gather that boys are messy creatures. I had a lady approach me in the supermarket to recommend putting cheerios in the loo as target practice. Something to look forward to I guess!

    Posted by Rosie W (Homeroutines) | August 22, 2011, 3:22 pm

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