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Life Does Not Have To Be Perfect

Let go of perfection

Can we put down the paint brush for a moment? Can we throw down the anti-bacterial spray for just a second? Can we just sit down, stop fretting, stop perfecting the co-ordinates of the cushions and relax for a little bit?

Do I have your full attention? Or is your mind still racing about the long list of errands that still need to be achieved today?

Well, after much thoughtful contemplation I want to say to you and this is something I have thought about after many years of trying to find perfection myself – Life does not and never has to be perfect. Life does not have to be perfect at all. There is really little point in seeking absolute perfection.

Perfection for many people means a perfectly clean and organised home, perfectly clean and organised, not to mention clever, sporty, sociable, happy children, a perfect family car, perfect outfits for the gym/day-to-day wear/work wear, perfect husband, perfect career, perfect friends, perfect social life, perfect dog, perfect kitchen gadgets, perfect shoes, perfect hair style, perfect life….perfect exhaustion.

How about we reject this notion that our life has to be as perfect as possible? Why can’t we be proud of ourselves for just making the grade? Why do we place such huge expectation on ourselves?

Why do many aspects of our life have to be perfect? Why do we tie ourselves in knots and create heavy burdens on our backs? Who started this craze for perfection? Who decided it was a social norm to achieve perfection?

The marketers and advertisers love us. We are just too easy a target. Like sitting ducks we are shot at one by one straight in the head. You must have a perfect house – bang got you! You must have a perfect figure, bang! You must have this brand of lipstick, bang! You must have a son and a daughter for your family to be complete, bang! Who decides this nonsense and more importantly why do we drink it all up without question?

Quite simply we suck up the need for perfection out of fear. We fear we are not quite good enough, that we will fall short and not meet the high standards that are constantly pushed down our necks. The advertisers make us believe we are OK but we could always do much better! It leaves us with a longing taste in our mouths and before long we reach out to try to feel happier, more content. It’s a vicious cycle and they have us by the throats.

We are good enough as we are. Being good enough is enough. Our life does not need to look perfect from the outside for us to feel happy. What is important is that we feel deep inside our own hearts that our own unique life is perfectly formed for our own needs. That we are perfect in our own special way and not in the conformed, consumerist idea of perfection.

How do you define perfection? Have you managed to let go of perfection in your life?


About Alana Munro

Writer. Mama to three, wife to one. Red wine consumer.


2 thoughts on “Life Does Not Have To Be Perfect

  1. I’m with you. Forget perfect – I just want to be happy.

    Posted by madmrsrochester | July 18, 2011, 12:07 pm

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