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Learning How to Lay Down our Fears? Appreciate the Beauty in Daily Life

All around us - my baby thinks they are magical!

Lately I’m trying to stop and notice the little things in life. The little things that often go ignored that I should really stop to admire and appreciate. I’m admiring the clouds, smiling at the solemn donkey that we pass most days on our way to school, appreciating the warmth of my home. Now before you think I have lost the plot and become a complete idealistic hippy (well… to be honest folks, I’ve had hippy-like-traits for many years) please hang on in there!

I’ve discovered after many years of varying degrees of happiness and notable pockets of personal tragedy that life is short and life is not permanent. So why on earth not focus on the beauty of what is all around today? I have concluded after many years of quiet thought that I would be wise to look for the positives and forget about the negatives that often weigh us down. Easier said than done.

I must say, it is quite a challenge to be ‘little Miss Positive’ and not always possible, as instinctively we can’t help but discover the hidden dangers and negatives of daily life. It’s just what we humans naturally do. It’s how we have become so incredibly successful as a species – our ancestors had to be anxious and so avoided all the lurking dangers to survive another day in the wild. But today? Not quite so relevant. Perhaps we do not need to be so hyper vigilant and anxious of our environment?

Perhaps today in 2011, we can actually relax a little bit, for this present period in our history anyway. We can perhaps admire the beauty around us without fear of becoming a tigers takeaway meal. Of course there are always dangers around us, there is always something or someone out there to be afraid of or anxious about. But maybe we can try to put all our fears into perspective.  We should ask – What is the probability of all our bothersome worries, concerns and fears becoming true? The reality is – most wont happen. The fear in our mind is simply there to protect us and prepare us with the possibility.

Are you like me, do you need a little help with this ideal? If you’re an adult no doubt you are like me and most others. The secret? Spend some time with a very young child. Only a ten month old baby could find the engineering of a remote control so fascinating and magical! Only a two-year old toddler will point up at the birds and watch them flutter in awe. Only a little baby will awake full of the joys of life, cooing and smiling at his mum. He has nothing to fear, nothing to bother his mind other than a hungry belly. All he has is deep unconditional love in his heart and delight in the present moment before hunger takes over!

We can learn much from young children. We should slow down to their pace and admire this vast and interesting world that is all around us just as a child does with ease. A loved and safe young child is rarely crippled with fear of the unknown. They live in the present. They appreciate the good things that happen, the good things they see and never spare a precious moment thinking of what could go wrong. Do you ever try to do this? Do you have any tricks for appreciating all the positives in our daily life? Please tell us if you have idea’s on how to conquer fears and worries that often plague us and hinder us from truly appreciating the beauty of life?


About Alana Munro

Writer. Mama to three, wife to one. Red wine consumer.


2 thoughts on “Learning How to Lay Down our Fears? Appreciate the Beauty in Daily Life

  1. Once again – a great topic! Sometimes I feel I am hardwired to anxiety and I’m sure its a genetic thing!
    Like you, I believe it is an evolutionary adaptation but agree that it is useless for the safe lifestyles we lead nowadays.
    These are the tricks I use- I walk, exercise (surf) and meditate.( not enough meditation!)
    Also being engaged or present with my children ( giving them 100% attention) helps to anchor me into the here and now and not the past or future.

    Posted by T | June 24, 2011, 6:36 pm
  2. Great stuff – all very helpful ways to try and anchor yourself in the here and now and to truly enjoy today. Children are such experts at this aren’t they?! It is wonderful that you have this self-awareness. I also find some red wine helps to destress me too! The anxiety often fades after some Rioja! Thanks for sharing x

    Posted by theladylounge | July 1, 2011, 11:06 am

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