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Saying Goodbye Forever


It's never easy to say to goodbye to anyone or any bunny!

My two older Sons have become a little bit fascinated by death. For days, they have spent many cheerful hours drawing pictures with R.I.P boldly written beside the dead fish or the dead dog that once was. They wanted to know everyone and everything that had once lived in our family and was now deceased. It seems rather morbid but I do believe it is a natural curiosity that many children will go through.

I think what has sparked this latest craze is the death of our sweet little bunny rabbit. It was very sudden and very sad to find his little limp body.

‘Mummy, Flopsy looks dead, he is not moving Mummy!’

What! How? Surely not! He is so young and healthy!

Daddy kindly covered the little creature with a blanket and gently buried him in the garden. Goodbyes were said.

There were a lot of tears to wipe away and a lot of explaining to follow. If you’ve ever had a family pet you can no doubt appreciate how upsetting it is for a little kid to find their pet dead. Granted – It’s not the best start to any day!

It was thankfully a kinder introduction to death. If there is such a thing? Perhaps not. They now seem to fully appreciate the sadness of death and they appear to understand that when life is over, it is well…over. You can’t fall off that cliff or jump into a blazing fire and get your life back. So they seem even more cautious than before – it should be stated for the record – that our sons are incredibly cautious little boys!

And so they now seem utterly determined to live life to the full. Every single moment of their life is to be enjoyed – in the way that young children can achieve with such ease. They live in the present and find joy and laughter in every hour that passes.

I am sure little Flopsy would be chuffed to know what a magical influence his short life has had on my children’s outlook in life. Life is precious, very precious indeed but we must ensure our precious life is enjoyed to the full.

Thank you Flopsy! R.I.P little guy, we miss you xxx


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