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Are We Able To Be Alone Anymore?

A little bit of solitude is good for the soul

Do you ever feel weighed down by technology? I’m surely not the only person who suffers from information overload? Consider this – Are we actually able to be alone anymore? Are we able to enjoy our own solitude anymore?

It’s important to ask as at every corner we turn, we are surrounded by technology that screams for our time and attention. We are constantly in communication with others and some days I wonder what would happen if it all just stopped. What if the only way we could communicate was to talk to another human face to face? That would certainly leave us more time to think clearly in our own company.

The constant chatter of social networking sites, the TV buzzing loudly in the room, the email inbox bursting to within an itch of its digital life, the music blasting from the kitchen, the mobile phone beeping thanks to another SMS message. Sometimes I think – maybe we should have a national no technology month? Maybe just get back to basics and just give people a much-needed rest from the pressures of communicating endlessly. Maybe people need time to catch their breath and just breathe – alone.

I believe it is vital for our mental health to be alone sometimes. We are born alone and depending on your own personal beliefs, we will die alone. So perhaps throughout life we should try to embrace ‘oneness’ and spend some time alone. In this world, often people confuse time alone as being lonely but being alone can be a positive experience.  It can result in some quiet reflection with no need to seek assurance from anyone, apparently we all have the answers deep within us. It can give us the answers we are seeking. But it’s tricky – you have to feel comfortable and at ease in your own company. You have to make a choice and switch off the technology then set aside some time to really think clearly. It’s a little self-indulgent but surely we owe it to our emotional health to rebalance, regroup and listen to ourselves.

Try it today. It is not always easy to sit blissfully alone for long periods. Our minds are busy, fast paced, we crave buzz and we are in the habit of communicating constantly. We are in the habit of needing background noise. But I challenge you to join me and switch off all the distractions today. Allow your thoughts to calm (they may be racing but in time your thoughts should relax once you do!) and flow naturally. Log out and breathe. I think we need to take back some personal control and monitor our usage of technology in the modern world for our own personal sanity. We have been bombarded by technology – now we need to use it wisely.


About Alana Munro

Writer. Mama to three, wife to one. Red wine consumer.


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