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Do You Have Passion In Your Belly?

Leo was friendly really...

We are social animals. We humans have a fundamental desire and need to be accepted and approved of. For our ancestors, to be rejected would have meant certain death. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that today the feelings associated with rejection are rather disturbing.

As harsh as it feels to be given the cold shoulder and cast to the dogs we must remember that not everyone will like us and not everyone should actually like us in our life.

You have some enemies? Splendid. This means you have principles and morals. This proves you are someone who has passion in your belly and a voice you are not afraid of using.

If you have integrity and you stick to your principles there may be people who disagree and question you motives. Enemies can easily be made from misunderstandings. Of course, some people are simply obnoxious and vile and there is no pleasing them. But if you have honourable intentions and a good character behind the flashy smiles we all give to the outside world then have little fear you are wandering down a superb path. 

It’s your choice. Stay with the herd? Safety in numbers. Or soar like an eagle? Are you a passionate soul or listless just for the sake of social approval or for an ‘easy’ life?

I highly recommend that you and me right now – jump off the fence before we get a splinter under our finger nails. It might seem safe to remain ambiguous, to remain indifferent, to just smile and keep your mouth firmly closed, to dart under the radar. But really, is that living?


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Writer. Mama to three, wife to one. Red wine consumer.


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