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Let’s Travel the World as a Family!


Where in the world would you go?

The other night my husband, me and our two young Sons (the baby is clever but not able to write just yet) sat down and wrote our lists. My middle Son, who’s 6, had a eureka moment and said,

 ‘I know! Let’s all write down the countries we want to visit in our life!’

What a fabulous idea little one! So we rooted around for bits of paper, pens and then got to work quick smart. There is no time to waste!

It turns out we want to see a lot of the same countries which is handy. Japan, Canada, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, New Zealand to name just a few. Having such outward looking and confident kids is going to cost us a lot of dosh but it will be money well spent. What can be more rewarding and beautiful than having the ability to show our offspring the world?

What is the point in having a lovely house and flash car (I should state at this point in my blog – my car is not in any way flash but you get the mental image right…?) if you have no interesting stories to share over the dinner table? For my family and I, the point of this one life is to experience as much of the world as possible. Is it crazy to want to explore outside your local environment? I don’t think so. We are humans. We have always explored. We have it in our blood-if we can just get passed the fear of the unknown. I am well and truly fearless. In fact I am ridiculously fearless some days!

Now the hardest part for us grown ups is making our ambitions happen. It’s not easy to save and tighten our belts when you have a baby who consumes an incredible daily quantity of yogurt and two Sons who could easily eat us out of house and home. But if anyone can make positive changes and save it is surely our little clan.

We will sell, we will donate, we will downsize our life style, we will live on frozen fish fingers and drink the cheapest red wine (after the first glass it tastes fine!), we will save just to make all the trips happen! It’s a bit more thrilling than saving up for a new kitchen don’t you think?!


About Alana Munro

Writer. Mama to three, wife to one. Red wine consumer.


2 thoughts on “Let’s Travel the World as a Family!

  1. Love it!!!! You mirrored my thoughts exactly.
    A couple of years ago I looked around our house and wondered why my carpet was still threadbare, my bathroom pink and my kitchen with an oven that doesn’t work properly.
    I figured it out…instead of spending money renovating and having a sparkly house we had spent it having adventures. We have taken our kids to places most adults wouldn’t even imagine visiting and we have had a great time doing it. They come back with unbelievable tales and memories of places that will shape them them as they grow up. And as parents we get to satiate our wanderlust and visit places that fulfill our dreams. We show our kids that there is a world of opportunties for them to capture and that anything is possible. they will be true citizens of the world.
    I said to my husband that instead of a holiday next time we should buy a new kitchen but I have found myself already making distant plans on where to visit next. So we’ll see…

    Posted by Alex | May 28, 2011, 12:06 pm
    • Hi Alex, thanks so much for your reply. I loved reading your post! I am 100% in agreement. It is much more fun spending your cash on exciting trips away. One life! Not enough people have discovered this vital truth yet. I often wonder if they ever will? I guess we are all different. For some a BMW and designer shoes mean everything and will always come first before exploring the world. But for me and you, a trip to Cambodia would get our juices going! The flash car or shiny shoes just don’t last as long as all the magical memories a trip away presents. Hope to see you back soon x

      Posted by theladylounge | June 1, 2011, 1:42 pm

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