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Let’s Stop This Madness!

How free are you?

I have to ask have we lost our freedom of expression, or freedom of speech or perhaps our freedom of thought? Are we no longer allowed to celebrate our own diverse cultures and traditions? Why are we so fearful in our democracy?

We live in a world where every single word we use is scrutinised, every single event we celebrate is rephrased just incase we offend. For example, Merry Christmas can be changed to Happy Holidays. Easter Eggs can become Spring Spheres. The thing is I don’t really see the people who believe in other Gods radically changing every tradition they celebrate to a new name. Funnily enough people who follow other religions are often quite amazed that we are jumping through hoops to please. Of course there will always be the religious radicals but why try to please them? Surely the very fact that we live in a very diverse world with lots of different beliefs and traditions is to be celebrated? Why become so passive and neutral? I am assuming fear is a major driving force.

I am not even religious. I do however respect people have their own beliefs and understand their beliefs bring them great comfort. It’s not for me, I believe religion is rather outdated. I don’t pray to anyone for comfort. I do not need to look beyond myself for answers in this life. So shoot me, I have my own free thinking opinion. No doubt that is also frowned upon and will offend someone!

However I do feel frustrated that Western countries are somewhat determined to eradicate all elements of our past and present day traditions. America leads the way and seems hypersensitive to what may be considered offensive. The irony is – this painstaking changing of words is quite offensive and silly.

I worry that we are becoming a herd of sheep instead of free thinking individuals. I feel many have become rather docile and listless. Where have the bold spirited gone? Why are we following and taking notes on what is deemed acceptable?

I wonder have we subscribed to the dogma of political correctness because it is easier to stick with the majority. It can be difficult to resist  and oppose the tyranny of society. Isn’t it time we stood up and said, ‘hang on a minute, what a load of bollocks!’ I think so.


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Writer. Mama to three, wife to one. Red wine consumer.


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