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What’s wrong with gay marriage?

Let’s go back in time. Just a handful of decades a go it was in vogue to shout out against interracial marriages. Back then many pockets of society allowed their prejudices and fear to blind them. Thankfully today, these racist slurs are easing slightly in educated and cosmopolitan circles. It is now quite embarrassing to hear a person huff and puff about a cross racial relationship. I feel quite alarmed and uncomfortable by the persons old-fashioned and wholly unqualified opinions. To me, It seems ridiculous in 2011. What’s the big deal? We are all people. Our outward appearance  may vary due to genetics but our cells are fundamentally the same, we are all from the same people. We have changed in appearance thanks to our ancestors settling in different environments. Our skin has had to alter and adapt. Nowadays it is not just our skin adapting, it is our opinions that must adapt.

Fast forward to 2011. We are now debating within Australia about the prospect of allowing gay people to marry. Whenever we are pushed out of our comfort zone we can expect fire works. There will always be people who are opposed to change. No matter how big or small, change of any kind spells trouble and they don’t like it one little bit.

So what’s everyone so scared of? Well, some people are arguing that gay marriages will undermine their traditional man and wife marriage. They worry gay marriages will upset God (is it just me or is there always a religious zealot ready to shout from the ranks? This fascinates me as apparently – I’m not religious by any means – Jesus Christ was always promoting tolerance towards each others differences). They believe gay marriage is immoral. They believe it is against nature. They also believe it will diminish what a family is supposed to be. They believe God wants us to be Adam and Eve, not Adam and Allan or Eve and Eva.

OK. That’s a lot of fear.

Times are changing. We can hold on tightly to the past and ring it to death with our misguided fear, or we can move forward and progress in a positive way. I opt for progress every time. It’s the liberal in me.

Some people are gay. FACT. This will not change. These people will not go away, they will not go underground and quite frankly they should not be made to go away. I want to hear their voices. This is a monumental time in gay history. Change is coming. It would be less painful for all if we could embrace the progressive changes in our society. The general public love a good emotional wrestle though.

My feeling is that society will always try to have an under dog. Man-kind seems to enjoy the feeling of superiority. Too many people enjoy the power they have over the minority. It is unjust to deprive another human of basic human rights, legal benefits and privileges simply because they love a person of the same-sex.

So what’s going to happen if we allow gay marriages in Australia? Are we going to be faced with the Apocalypse?! Are we going to find people ‘turning’ to the other side just because they can? Of course not. Society will still run the way it always has. The big difference will be – gay men and women will have a choice. And what a wonderful, beautiful life it is when we give people choice.

What do you think? Are you upset by the prospect of gay marriage? Or do you not understand what all the fuss if about?


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2 thoughts on “What’s wrong with gay marriage?

  1. Great article Alana. Seems to me that the people who have the biggest issues with it are usually the most religious. Which makes me ask the question, ‘What does that say about the benefits of religion?’

    Posted by Cate | March 4, 2011, 8:48 am

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