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Our obession with youth and the celebrities trying to fool us

I was sitting munching on a slice of toast this morning, half sleeping, half watching the television when apparently it is newsworthy that a celebrity is now super slim just months post baby. How the public cheer to see such a sight.

What always bemused me is how these celebrities insist they didn’t go to the gym for 8 hours a day, 7 days a week and live on one raisin a day to achieve the figure of an 18-year-old. ‘Oh this new body?, I just walked around my kitchen for a few weeks, did I tell you I live on chips and hamburgers?’ Um…Yeah, right. Thanks for that advice. Does anyone actually believe these lies? Who are these women trying to fool? Call me crazy but it takes quite a few months for the womb to slip back into the body again. Tummy tucks post C-sections seem ridiculous but likely in the distorted world where image is everything.

Then there are the celebrities who acquire large breasts. Large, supple, full breasts after three babies. Hmmm I am a mother, I live in the real world. Breasts take a hell of a battering. Some women are exceptionally lucky and have beautiful breasts post babies but most women of the human variety have some war wounds, some sagging, some marks from rapid growth. And so you should, you have produced another person. I say be proud of the changes in your clever and wonderful body.

What I would like to know is why do these celebrities constantly deny their Botox, their boob jobs, their tummy tucks and their chemical peels? Wouldn’t it be cooler if they would just drop all the pretence and say,’ Hey I have the dosh, it’s my body and my career, so yeah I did suck all the fat out of my lady lumps, you would too if you could!’ Or how about, ‘Yes I get Botox, can’t you tell? I can hardly smile!’ But instead they deny and refuse to acknowledge their changed appearance. We then doubt ourselves and think we are imaging things.

Anyone with half a brain can figure out that no one at 45 naturally looks like 21. It’s took a lot of time, money and pain. I wonder why we seek to achieve this unrealistic look? Some of us have the natural beauty for a small window in our life, sadly few of us realise until the time has passed us by. Why is youth seen as so vital, so important? It’s a battle we can never win. Have you ever seen a wrinkle free 80-year-old?

We all get older. Life changes. As we go through life our body will experience new situations that will change us forever. It is interesting that some women wish to erase all evidence of life, all evidence of their unique experiences.

What do you think? Do you wish some celebrities would just be honest with us? They want us to support them and love them but they refuse to be honest. I’m not averse to some cosmetic help, I’d probably do the same if I had the world staring at my every wrinkle through a camera. These people despite all their money and social power are still people with all the vulnerabilities that we face.

But still what is going on? Why the desire to be youthful and to erase your years of life experience? If people are so preoccupied with the exterior it makes you wonder how healthy their minds truly are?


About Alana Munro

Writer. Mama to three, wife to one. Red wine consumer.


4 thoughts on “Our obession with youth and the celebrities trying to fool us

  1. it would be so great if celebrities were honest, but then if they were honest they would cop ridicule from media, parents etc for getting any ‘work’ done in the first place, they cant win. im open about saying id get a boob lift if i could, im 25 and after having a baby my boobs dont look like most others my age and its generally not as comfortable as once was. but yes your right, they SHOULD be up front about it. i busted my ass going to the gym 4 times a week, 3 hours a session to loose 30 kilos after having a baby and im proud of it, they should be too.

    Posted by Janna Everett | February 21, 2011, 4:52 pm
  2. So totally agree with you Alana, this BS like “Oh no, I never worked out after my baby was born, I just naturally lost 20kg and became toned up all on my own”…pfft. What a crock of bulldust. These people’s bodies are their income…so why not admit it?

    Yes, I worked really hard, had a personal trainer come every day for 6 hours a day, and paid a nanny to look after my child while I was training. And for those really hard to shift bits?…surgery. But I did it coz this is my career and it’s important to me.

    At least those of us without the money to spend on Personal Trainers and Nannies can feel ok that our wobbly bits are wobbly coz we don’t have the time or the money to make them not so wobbly.

    Posted by Danielle | February 21, 2011, 5:41 pm
  3. Hey ladies, thanks for your reply. I really enjoyed reading your responses.
    Janna, without a doubt mate – you worked your butt off and we should be proud of our efforts! Why pretend that we are super human with some freak gene that means our bodies pop back instantly?
    Danielle, yes yes yes! What’s with all the deception? It is bizarre and mocks real life mums. Most mothers listening to these women will know they are speaking nonsense!
    Cheers ladies x

    Posted by theladylounge | February 22, 2011, 10:04 am
    • Oooh I reckon you saw that Holly chick on Kerri-Anne – did you??
      “I put on 18 kgs while pregnant – the weight just came off from a bit of walking”.
      Maybe it did maybe it didn’t – but she really shouldnt be a poster girl for losing baby weight if it just ‘fell off her’. Most mums have to work alot harder than that to lose the weight and they really don’t want to hear about hers just ‘falling off’ Lol!!!!

      Posted by Debbie | February 22, 2011, 5:41 pm

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