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Optical Illusion and Travel Brochures – The Games People Play

I truly believe that some people perform an optical illusion. These people present a perceived image to the outside world that differs from reality. One day their mirror will crack and all will be revealed. The people who are fooled by the illusion will see clearly again. They will no longer be blinded by the flash.

I have also come to believe that the people in our life hold up mirrors. This may sound rather odd so I will explain what I mean. I believe that the people who surround us hold up these mirrors and ultimately reflect back to us who we are on the inside. 

During times of grief, depression and uncertainty. Or perhaps a time in life when we are vulnerable. We may find we let people into our personal life who are abusive, unstable or they may have unsavory agenda’s. These people will reflect that we are in an emotionally unhappy place. When we do come up for air and feel better these people will feel like a weight on our shoulders. They will encourage us to wallow in our misery. They will keep showing us our reflection to remind us how awful we felt. It can be difficult to find the courage to break free and smash through the mirror!

During times of positivity, confidence and high self-esteem we generally connect and only allow equally positive and healthy people into our world. The unhealthy, angry, jealous and negative people stay away. They know they can’t possibly penetrate a positive and secure person. It would be far too difficult!

I look at my life now and the people in my life reflect to me that I feel comfortable in my own skin. They reflect back at me happiness, contentment and kindness.

Of course, I have had people in my life during my more vulnerable times when the people have blinded me with the flash of their reflections. Like a rabbit caught in the head lights, I couldn’t think straight or see straight. I was blinded. Thankfully as soon as they put down their flashy mirror I could see clearly again.

Another way of looking at things is the ‘Travel Brochures’. Some people present their travel brochure to you. ‘Come with me, you’ll have the time of your life!’ However, once you jump onboard that holiday – ahem relationship – you often discover that the reality is a stark contrast. They promised you five-star treatment. You ended up in a shabby and dirty one bedroom flat. These people are simply fooling you with a very clever optical illusion.

It certainly takes some life experience, burnt fingers and broken hearts for many people to discover the alarm bells. It’s took me a long time but I’ve learnt my lessons and still continue to learn.

Have you ever experienced this in life? Have you surrounded yourself with positive reflections of who you truly are? Or do you continue to be blinded and fooled by a person’s optical illusion?


About Alana Munro

Writer. Mama to three, wife to one. Red wine consumer.


4 thoughts on “Optical Illusion and Travel Brochures – The Games People Play

  1. I totally understand your point.
    It can be so upsetting when the holiday doesnt live up to the brochure!
    I think the best thing to do when it doesn’t is to learn from it and move on swiftly. Knowing that next time you will read the fine print more closely.
    What a shame we can’t take out travel insurance on friendships – that way we could ensure that we wouldn’t get hurt x

    Posted by Debs | February 8, 2011, 8:24 pm
  2. Thanks for your comment Debs! I would love to take out that insurance! You’re so right, next time I’ll read the small print and take my time x

    Posted by theladylounge | February 9, 2011, 11:46 am

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