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>Good Bye Facebook!

>It’s easier to join Facebook than leave the site. For months now I have tried to leave. To begin with I had told myself I can go on once a day. That didn’t work. Once a day soon became four times. Oh dear. I then told myself once a week. Of course that didn’t work for me either. Like a smoker, I just needed one last puff, one last look at my profile and home page. What did my friends say about that last comment?

So last week I opted for Facebook rehabilitation. I banned myself from a single puff. And how did I achieve this impossible goal? I took the somewhat bold step of deactivating my membership. However I felt like I was deserting my friends. As you deactivate, Facebook tries to pull you back in. It tells you who you’ll miss and how they will miss you. Those beautiful photographs of close friends, it pulls at your heart strings. But I hit the button like a woman on a mission. I told myself, ‘No Facebook you will not dictate to me how I communicate with friends! I am a grown up and able to communicate without your help!’ So that was me, liberation from the chains of social media.

But the trouble is I can easily come back as soon as I smell the stale smoke lingering around my nostrils. Perhaps I will react like a shark on a feeding frenzy? Just one little ounce of blood and I will be tapping in my password once again? All I have to do is type in my password and I’m back as if I had never left. It’s not the exit I was hoping for. To leave officially and so Facebook will delete everyone of my photographs and personal data, as opposed to simply ‘taking them down’ from view is write an email. It is a lengthy progress. It is not a case of simply hitting unsubscribe.

Why do I want to leave this social phenomenon? I guess I have a very extreme case of Facebook fatigue. I have spent a little bit too much of my life already staring at a computer screen and it concerns me. I am a person, a social being. I want to step back outside the door again. I want to reconnect with my real friends in real time.

Any other reasons? I guess I can be disturbed by how some people can use these social websites. Perhaps there needs to be lessons to learn social networking manners. I’ve seen a number of arguments break out between people, people being aggressive, passive aggressive, bullying, boastful, blunt, cheeky…not everyone has something nice, helpful or supportive to say to their ‘friends’.

So for now, don’t offer me a smoke. I’m trying desperately to avoid a quick fix. I’m moving on. If only I could figure out what will be the next social success? What will be the next big thing to join? If I knew that, I’d be a millionaire.


About Alana Munro

Writer. Mama to three, wife to one. Red wine consumer.


2 thoughts on “>Good Bye Facebook!

  1. >I think we can all get a bit sick and tired of Facebook and all social networking sites, come to think of it I get a bit sick and tired of many things. I think the answer is in moderation, is to take things like online communities for what they are, friendships made through avaliability of resources and not necessarily the truth we live, although for many it is a way to live a more authentic life. We should be allowed to demand a respect in our lives whether it be on facebook, twitter or in our communities, so say goodbye or whatever makes your life yours, to be honest it is your decision and no one else's. P.S. I shared this on facebook like you asked, Ha Ha!

    Posted by Merrin | January 31, 2011, 4:54 am
  2. >Ha ha thanks Merrin…I don't trust myself to do the whole 'moderation' approach, but good on people who have the self control! Cheers for your comment mate x

    Posted by Alana | February 1, 2011, 2:34 am

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