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>Inspired by Oprah

>Tell me who hasn’t be inspired by the great lady? When Oprah speaks, people stop and listen. Last night, I was watching the recent Oprah in Australia show. Russell Crowe mentioned how he had been inspired by Oprah’s words years ago. Oprah had said,

‘People are for you or against you.’

What did I take from this?

I concluded that Oprah had years of personal and professional experience whereby she had came across people who she felt were ‘pro’ Oprah or not.

A simple examination of people’s behaviour can tell you who is ‘for and against.’

‘For people’ tend to be our cheerleaders, our mentors. They support and nourish our soul. They smile and cheer when we are happy and succeeding in life. They are a positive force in this life. They believe in us.

‘Against people’ are scared people. They refuse to support us in life. They turn a blind eye to our success and happiness as it makes them feel threatened. They may privately wallow and delight in our misfortune.With some people, any doubt you have in your heart means NO. Move on!

No doubt Oprah encountered a lot of different people on her road to success. No doubt some people tried to tell her she was not good enough or they said nothing, they offered no support or encouragement. Of course she had enough self belief to carry on regardless and suck up any positive, encouraging vibes that other people offered her.

Clever lady.

Do you understand what Oprah means? Have you ever experienced this theory? Please don’t be shy, do share…


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