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>Trauma Reveals Inner Strength

>These recent floods in Australia have highlighted some truths in life. Some people have lost everything and yet their resilience shines through. Their homes destroyed, valuables washed away and still they sigh, shed tears and keep moving forward. Where do people find this hidden strength during moments of such trauma?

What always hits me is how strong humans truly are. We have not got to this stage in recent history from being weak and easily broken by heartache. The one stream of thought that beams from most people in dire situations is how there is always someone some place else in a much tougher situation. The material possessions can be replaced in time and the homes can be rebuilt. Life’s can be rebuilt so long as you still have your life. As people try to rebuild their life they will no doubt consider how fortunate they are to be given the chance to live another day unlike some of the poor souls who have perished.

I have been blown away by the generous donations and the ‘mucking in’ attitude in the aftermath. There is a real sense of community. People want to help each other. Perhaps this is what essentially makes us human beings.

I can not even begin to imagine the grief that some people must be feeling right now. Some people have lost loved ones and dear friends. It is heart breaking. I just hope that as the weeks pass and the waters start to subside their grief becomes more bearable to live with.

The poor souls left to clear up this almighty mess at least have each other. Everyone is in the same boat. Everyone is pitching in together. Perhaps that is a comfort to some. Bonds will be built and people are learning a simple truth that fundamentally most people are good and want to help.

What have you thought of the recent floods in Australia?


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One thought on “>Trauma Reveals Inner Strength

  1. >People have been stripped bare of everything but they have the chance to start over. With the huge level of support on offer from volunteers this can happen. We are so lucky to live in a country like this. We really want to help strangers. It is heart warming and yes a great comfort to many right now. x

    Posted by Anonymous | January 15, 2011, 4:41 am

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