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>PMS – Beware of the Dragon!


Today is a bad day for me. Even the sight of my handsome husband hoovering the house fails to raise a smile. Ladies, I have PMS and it’s a bad month! Some months thankfully are not too bad. Aunt Flow arrives and she takes me by surprise. However, other months, it feels like an almighty build up for days before I am finally released from the unrelenting and ruthless sea of hormones swirling in my body. Sound familiar?

Normally I will like a joke and a giggle, today it is like someone has removed every humour receptor that I own. It is rather like being infested by a demon. A horrid She-Devil has consumed my every thoughts. She can only see bleakness and negativity. She ensures a rain cloud hangs around my head all day long. Even a spot of retail therapy and a bargain buy can not lift me. This is clearly serious!

As I go about my business today forgive me if I scowl at you. Also forgive me if I spit fire or steam rises from my head. If someone takes my parking space or runs in front of the car – God help you! It seems some months no matter how wonderful my diet, how healthy my life style or how many vitamins and minerals I pop I will be resigned to this mammoth all consuming low. Thankfully it should lift in a day or two (pretty please!!) and I can get back to smiling at strangers, seeing friends, cooing at babies, skipping with my children, patting cute puppies I pass at the park…but for now please be kind to me, say only what you really must (and make it very nice!), hand me a bumper sized bar of chocolate and leave me alone in a dark and secure room…

For all the blokes out there who know women or for women who want to keep track of their PMS I have discovered this fun site – http://www.pmsbuddy.com/story Check it out!
Please share your bizarre, funny, angry, sad, strange or scary PMS stories below…it is therapy!


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4 thoughts on “>PMS – Beware of the Dragon!

  1. >Boy, do I know how you feel entirely too much. It seems like every few months the devils resides in me temporarily. You never know when its coming too, it could be every other month, every 6 months, etc! Isn't it amazing how you feel afterwards when you are finally back to yourself?

    Posted by Amber Starr | December 28, 2010, 2:14 am
  2. >Totally agree…as soon as my period arrives I feel much calmer and sane! Thanks for sharing Amber x

    Posted by Alana | January 2, 2011, 9:46 am
  3. >All throughout my 20s I was lucky enough not to have any troubles with PMT, I barely took any notice of what time of the month it was and my period would arrive and I'd think 'Oh, there it is', and that would be that til next month. Since I hit my 30s and had my daughter, how things have changed! My cycles are very different and sometimes the PMT is utterly ridiculous. Where I would normally look at a problem, and think 'oh well, I can fix it by doing X', I get angry and frustrated and moan! When I see or hear something sad, I cry and fixate on it. Mypoor husband feels like he's walking on eggshells. I try so hard not to be negative and to think logically but hormones are so strong it's overwhelming. What has changed? Probably the fact that I've been trying for another baby for over a year now and I'm so utterly aware of exactly where I am in my cycle and what my body's doing/not doing that I'm hyper-sensitive to things that I would normally take in my stride. This year I am determined to try and take control and stay as positive as I can…until I get pregnant and then a whole different set of hormones kick in! Sorry it's long, just felt like sharing! Karin xx

    Posted by Anonymous | January 14, 2011, 7:54 pm
  4. >Thanks so much for sharing Karin. It seems that post baby the hormones can be stronger and PMT more extreme in some women. I was the same, PMT was not too bad but as the years have went by – well let's just say it can be a scary and tense few days for all involved! Hope this year brings you much joy and happiness, I am blowing baby dust to you right now xxx

    Posted by Alana | January 15, 2011, 4:29 am

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