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>Make Every Second Count

>Right now as you sit in your home, as you contemplate your career prospects and as you boil the kettle for another cup of tea; And as you worry about a spot on your cheek, what shoes to wear on Saturday night and where you could holiday next year…

Somewhere out there, someone has took their last breath in this world. Someone has lived a life perhaps a lot like you are right now. They have kissed their children goodnight, they have danced with friends, they have cleaned their home, they have cycled in the sunshine, they have broke their heart, they have smiled at their partner and just this very second they have closed their eyes for the last time.

Somewhere out there, someone has took their first breath. They have joined the human race by winning the race just 9 months ago. They are a gold medalist in life without knowing.

Life is uncertain. But two things are for certain, you will be born and you will die. You have already been born, so let us ensure we make every second count. One day we will be counting down our final seconds. We don’t know when or how. Let us not get caught up on superficial details and small worries that can be overcome. Let us not take for granted this special gift of life. We are the warriors who won the race, let us now make the most of our chance.

What will you do with your own unique opportunity? What will your story be?

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About Alana Munro

Writer. Mama to three, wife to one. Red wine consumer.


One thought on “>Make Every Second Count

  1. >So true. On a lighter note though since I need to treasure every second I have decided I am spending too much time mowing my lawn/doing washing/cooking dinners and cleaning my house.Not sure how Jas will feel about that!!!

    Posted by Debbie | October 29, 2010, 11:49 pm

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