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>Top 10 Skin Enemies

>Your skin is often a reflection of your overall health and lifestyle choices. Try to avoid these deadly skin sins if you want to look your age! Can you think of anymore skin enemies to be aware of?

1. Smoking – If you want to look 10 years older than your peers, sure go ahead and light up that toxic stick.
2. Sun – A little bit of sun light everyday is essential for our emotional well being and for our vitamin D levels but if you bake all day long you can expect skin like an old leather boot, age spots and wrinkles galore. Try keeping a wide brimmed hat close to your front door and get into the habit of wearing it. Spray on your sunscreen every morning after your shower. It’s the little habits that matter.
3. Picking Spots – Not the best idea as you could scare your complexion for life. Only remove spots that move with ease!
4. Drinking Alcohol – It’s a tough one…good luck with this one!
5. Lack of Sleep – Try to get at least 7 hours a night to keep dullness and shadows at bay.
6. Eating Junk – You won’t be glowing on a McDonald’s diet.
7. Sleeping with Makeup On – Hey we have all done it, if you do…get that face super clean as soon as you wake!
8. Dirty  Mobile Phone – Bacteria, sweat….not nice on your cheeks.
9. Dirty towels and pillows – If you lie all night on a dirty pillow full of your sweat, dirt, dust, dead skin cells and bacteria you may have a few new pimples by morning.
10. Oily Makeup – Safer to stick to oil free and sensitive formula’s to avoid blocked pores.


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